Card Sleeve (App for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch)


The cardtype database application which manages an analog cards.


Card list (for iPhone)

Card Sleeve is the best way to store your analog cards – things like Hospital Cards or Club cards – on your iOS device.

Use Card Sleeve to take a picture of the front and back of a card, and you can store it for easy, instant access. It even acts the same way- with a simple flick of a finger you can flip the card over and see what’s on the back side. It’s even better than the real thing- with just a tap, you can easily write and update memos for the card on both sides, without covering up any crucial information on the card itself.


●Main Functionality:

  • Card management
  • Record back and front of any kind of card
  • Write memos for both sides
  • Take pictures from the camera, or use images from the photo library
  • Flick the card to turn them over, just like in real life
  • Long press on cards in your card list to re-arrange and sort them
  • Search and filter by memo contents
  • Tag your cards for easy sorting
  • Export and import of card data

*The free version of this app displays ads. To turn off ads, an in-app purchase is required.

●[New feature] Support for iPad
The latest edition supported iPad. (Universal application)

CardSleeve for iPad (4 columns list)


●Keystone correction of the image
Keystone correction of the image is now available at the time of card editing.

Crop image (for iPhone)


●Card data export and import
Export function:

  • The card data as an Excel file (xlsx), to export, including the image data.
    * If the file that you exported in the past within the app is present, the file will be overwritten.

  • Export files are other apps that corresponds to the file of xlsx format (Numbers, Excel, Google spreadsheets, etc.) can be viewed and edited in.

▼Export demo movie


Import function:

  • The Excel file in the exported app in the export function you can import as card data.
  • In addition, open the Excel file that you edit in an external app in Card Sleeve, you can import as card data.

    * When importing, please use the file that you edit the file you exported in the export function.
    * When you import card data in the app will be rewritten all the data in the Excel file.

▼Import demo movie


●Sample of the export data
●The cheat sheet of the export File
About Export File(sheet of CardData)
About Export File(sheet of Tags)


●Example uses:

  • Record a customer’s business card, making notes about your recent conversations and their personality. Hint: for the reverse side of the card, why not take a picture of the person, so you’ll never forget a face?
  • Record a hospital visit or registration card, and make a note of things like your next scheduled visit or prescriptions
  • Copy a Point Card, and make a memo about the next big sale or things you need for your next purchase
  • Make notes and construct your deck for your favorite trading card game

It doesn’t even need to be linked to cards:

  • Take photos of impressive scenery and record short memos
  • Take before and after photos, with the before on front, after on back
  • Pull photos for your library and write down important notes
  • Take pictures of a foreign language you are trying to learn, and write the translation on the back!


●Movie of sorts a card


●Screen shots

2 columns list (for iPad)

2 columns list (for iPhone)

Card memo and tags (for iPhone)

Search and filter (for iPhone)

Edit tags (for iPhone)

Edit tag color (for iPhone)